About Narratiive

Narratiive combines real-time tracking, monitoring and survey data at scale to power a suite of analytical, research and marketplace tools for MENA, South Africa and other emerging markets.

Narrative Data & Insights

With the largest footprint in MENA and Africa, Narratiive provides access to the most up-to-date demographic, behavioural, technographic and intent-based data for better audience performance.

Narrative’s intelligence tools allow publishers & marketers to dive deeper into their user base to learn about their interests, demographic details, digital habits and more, to display those strengths to prospective clients and build new, optimised partnerships.

Plus Carbon’s RMP

Carbon enables publishers to analyze their audience and ad revenue to build custom audience segments – through automation or machine-driven tools – in real-time to provide publishers with more targeted, better-performing campaigns.

The Narratiive and Carbon partnership enables Narratiive audience data to flow into Carbon, giving publishers a large lake of highly accurate declared audience data which they can then use to build custom audience segments in the Carbon Audience segment builder.

Equals a unified publisher solution

Overlaying Carbon’s revenue management platform with Narratiive’s audience data enables publishers to drive higher campaign performance in MENA, SA and emerging markets. This proposition brings a powerful combination for publishers to collect, organize, make addressable and place a monetary value to their 1st party audiences, to then optimise their yields and marketing campaigns.

Why Carbon + Narratiive?

Focus on users

Develop strategies that reach your audience based on their demographics, interests, behaviours, intents and other traits.

Eliminate media wastage

Eliminate media wastage by focusing on targeted audiences that align to yours & your partners’ goals.

Precise activation

Activate precise programmatic and performance media campaigns that address broad audiences down to specific niche user clusters.

Quality data

700 audience segments representing over 60 million users give you the power of precision.

David Snocken
VP Partnerships, Carbon

“It’s exciting to be able to overlay Carbon’s ‘Revenue DNA’ with Narratiive’s audience data for their publisher clients to drive higher campaign performance.”

Chad Hussain
GM, Narratiive

“The partnership brings to the region a powerful combination for publishers to collect, organize, make addressable and place a monetary value to their 1st party audiences.”

Greg Mason
Regional Lead, Narratiive

“This partnership creates a full-circle solution for Publishers giving them ultimate control and use of their first-party audience data.”

Pedro Goncalves – Head of Product, MENAT & Sub-Saharan Africa

“Next-gen solutions like this partnership give publishers more control over their data; whilst respecting the continuing shifts in identity and privacy.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.