Carbon is now part of Magnite.

Carbon makes publishing more profitable

Carbon is a revenue management platform (RMP) that unlocks the complex relationship between audience, content and revenue, enabling more profitable content, buy-side and sell-side strategies.

Built by publishers, for publishers

Carbon RMP is a real-time, first-party platform that consolidates revenue & audience analytics, data management and yield operations into a single, fully compliant solution with end-to-end transparency.  By providing a seamless view of how your editorial, audience and revenue operations interact, Carbon enables better content, buy-side and sell-side decisions to make publishing more profitable.

Data deserves better

Focusing on high quality, first party audience data, how it can be used & enriched to improve marketing outcomes. Being connoisseurs means we are truly innovative, hyper accurate and reliable with our data to ensure we are thought leaders in the space.

Better together

Carbon merged with Glam in 2020, combining an intent & data science driven data management platform with a real-time revenue reporting & attribution platform to create an end-to-end proposition for all publishers to drive revenue & profits.

Our journey


Help our clients create a measurably more profitable relationship between their customers and their content, by building the swiss army knife of revenue management.

  • Simplify the complicated.

    We aren’t a technology or data company, we are a revenue platform. We use technology and data science to reduce friction and complication for our clients’ revenue generating operations.

  • Seek & Solve.

    We relentlessly chase revenue, solve problems, save time, and seek out new opportunities to add value to our clients and partners.

  • Be Open & Flexible.

    Working with many, we adapt and streamline alongside them. Every interaction we have will teach us something new.

  • Act like an Owner.

    Client issues are Carbon issues. We speak up appropriately, and listen actively.

  • Move with purpose.

    We must control our own momentum. We may not always race forward, we may occasionally fail and retrace our steps, but if we move with purpose then the journey counts. Be clear on the why, and the what will follow.

Clients and partners

Awards and accreditations

Meet the team

  • Pete Danks


  • Henry Chamberlain


  • Manny Benor


  • Mark Lee

    Chief Technology Officer

  • David Snocken

    VP Commercial & Strategic Partnerships

  • Adam Paxton

    VP Operations

  • Yana Shvarzman

    Director of Client Success

  • Isabelle Lorion

    Data Scientist

  • Alex Ganga

    Software Developer

  • Reece Stevens


  • Rohit Yeggina

    Senior Analyst

  • Khalvin Nucom

    Front-end developer

  • Josh Morris

    Junior Analyst

  • Ash Bancale

    Senior Front End Developer

  • Bobby Bowstead

    Marketing Manager

  • Nicole Angell

    Junior Data Scientist

  • Mihai Nica

    Senior Software Developer

  • Elaheh Oftadeh

    Data Scientist (KTP Associate)

  • Charles Fenwick Elliot

    Back-end Developer

  • Serban Oprea

    Software Developer

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Carbon is now part of Magnite.