This week in publishing – Programmatic continues to grow, ecommerce fuels retail media, and is the cookie really going?

Programmatic growth and innovation Innovation in the programmatic space continues to gain momentum; whether it’s in-game, CTV, audio, digital-out-of-home, or unique collaborations, such as the one between Carbon & SmartRTB with the growing power of 1st party audience data.  For instance, this week saw Channel4 embrace real-time bidding with the launch of its All4 Private

This week in identity – Facebook’s post-cookie ad plans, Google befriends publishers, and emerging attention metrics.

Facebook plans for ads beyond IDFA and Cookies Driven by shifting regulations and other moves impacting data collection, Facebook is planning to reengineer its ads business around what it is calling Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to place more value on privacy. The 3 elements of PETs are: Multi Party Computation; On Device learning; and Differential

This week in identity – Publishers scale back cookieless initiatives, solving Safari, and Programmatic Guaranteed

Publishers scale back post-cookie plans Research from Digiday suggests that publishers are scaling back their post-cookie planning in response to Google’s delayed deprecation.  For instance; the level of publishers preparing for the end of third party cookies remained relatively flat at 68% whilst those worried about their ability to target ads fell from 59 to

This week in identity – Publisher diversification, Japan’s shift to contextual, and UID2 support.

Direct sold ads continue to grow New research from Digiday suggests publishers’ pandemic-driven revenue diversification is being dialled back with ads largely dominating. 63% of publishers now claim that direct sold ads are a “large” part of their revenue, a significant change from 38% 12 months ago. Subscriptions (24%), programmatic ads (39%) and affiliate (13%)

3 key activities publishers can do to prepare for 2023

Announced at the end of June 2021, Google’s delay of deprecating 3rd party cookies was met with a huge sigh of relief by publishers and buyers alike.  The gift of time is priceless – publishers should use the time to take control of their identity and consumer engagement strategies.  Refining first party data strategies whilst

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