Publishers need to produce content that fuels traffic, engages their audiences and drives yield, whether that’s through ads, subscriptions or otherwise. In order to optimise their editorial strategy, publishers must understand their audiences’ value in tandem with the content they engage with to divert their resources to the trending topics, formats and channels that drive ROI.

With Carbon’s machine-driven intelligence that overlays audience insights with real-time revenue data, publishers can analyse and take action on their audiences and content for a more profitable editorial & audience strategy.

  • Identify the content, channels and formats driving audience value
  • Build and activate audiences to boost content performance
  • Optimise content creation to generate higher revenue
  • Ensure your revenue and editorial teams speak the same language

Download the guide using the form below to see how our publishers leverage unique machine-driven intelligence, segmentation and activation tools to understand and activate audiences to their best performing content, with a real-time view of which pages, content and topics are driving revenue from which audiences.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.