Carbon has taken on 2 masters students as part of an internship scheme to look into building new tools for scoring website compliance and data visualisation.

Carbon is pleased to welcome Teesside University masters students Aaron Kwame and Naresh Setti to the Carbon team for a 12 week internship.  Having been founded in the North East, Carbon has a history with academia, nurturing the talent that the area has to offer. Having employed a number of the region’s university alumni, working on collaborative projects such as KTPs, and offering a number of placements and internships, Carbon aims to develop talent whilst still providing commercial value.

Last year we supported Teesside University in their bid to obtain funding to establish Masters conversion courses in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and we are pleased to continue our support with our internship programme.

Scoring Privacy Compliance

As data regulation has come more and more into focus in recent years, Carbon has always been ahead of the curve with privacy-by-design principles at its foundation.  However, it’s increasingly important to be aware of the levels of privacy that different sites have, particularly when working in partnership with, advertising on or even just browsing other sites.

This is the basis for Aaron Kwarme’s project, who will be looking to build a tool that will collect, snapshot, analyse and score companies privacy policies and their consent mechanisms on the internet.

Aaron is currently studying for his MSc. Computer Science at Teesside University, having already got a degree in IT.  His studies combined with his technical abilities and experience in business support will be invaluable in this project, the results of which will contribute to Carbon’s ability to get a transparent view of others’ compliance to ensure the highest privacy standards.

Aaron is particularly looking forward to applying his abilities to a real-world commercial project, something Carbon always aims to do with its internships:

“I’m looking forward to learning and gaining real world experience from the opportunity given to me and to applying the skills I acquire in a professional context.”

Aaron Kwarme

Data Visualisation

Our clients have lots of data (web click stream, auction bid data and ad related data) and want to uncover insights as to the behaviour or hidden trends and relationships in that data, and possibly with other 3rd party data.  With a platform that is easy-to-use and visually aesthetic, we always want to make sure we can offer the best data visualisations too.

This will be the basis of Naresh Setti’s project, which will be focussed on developing new ways to analyse and present innovative visualisations to showcase the discovered insights; with particular attention on a geo based visualisation of revenue.

Naresh is currently studying for his Data Science MSc. at Teesside University and has a particular interest in data analysis and visualisation.  Again, Naresh’s academic strengths combined with his passion for data visualisation and experience in customer-facing environments will be ideal for a project that aims to produce highly valuable and aesthetic insights for clients.  Naresh is particularly looking forward to contributing such insights through, how he describes as:

“Visualizations that act as a campfire around which we gather to tell stories.”

Naresh Setti

Meanwhile; Carbon CDO – Dr Alistair Mclean – is excited by this next step in our collaboration with the academic world, and Teesside University itself:

“I’m very pleased to welcome our first intake of Teesside University Masters interns and I’m looking forward to working with the two students over the next 3 months. Both projects are important for us and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress the two students make.“

Dr Al Mclean, CDO at Carbon

We’ll be updating on how these projects are progressing over the next few months.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.