Carbon is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a Community Member of as it strives for more transparency in ad tech.

In November 2020, Carbon – the first & only revenue management platform (RMP) – joined as a community member to support its mission in making digital advertising fair, transparent and efficient.

“We are thrilled to be part of such a committed community leading the way in advancing fair and transparent header bidding technology.  We are thrilled to be part of such a committed community leading the way in advancing fair and transparent header bidding technology.  By combining our own innovative efforts with Prebid’s continued growth & support we believe there’s a great opportunity to create better ad experiences and monetisation solutions

Dr Al Mclean, CDO at Carbon

With increased regulation and the deprecation of cookies continuing to pose challenges to how publishers can monetise their inventory, Prebid offers new opportunities for innovation due to its open source nature.

As part of our effort to support open source software and help make the ad-tech ecosystem more transparent, Carbon is engaged with on their Professor Prebid Committee, a tool that allows publishers to view and understand the bidding activity on their website.

“Publishers are looking to take back control of their audiences to maximise their yields and are increasingly looking to take advantage of the new features in the pipeline for header bidding. Prebid offers the scale, speed and support of an open-source technology in the growing programmatic ecosystem and its focus on transparency will allow publishers, together with partners such as Carbon, make the most out of their web traffic.”

Dr Al Mclean, cdo at Carbon

About Prebid

Since 2017, promotes fair and transparent header bidding across the entire industry. The product range comprises the Prebid.js platform for header bidding, Prebid Mobile for header bidding within a mobile app, and Prebid Server for header bidding between the latest. As a product suite, Prebid helps publishers implement header bidding within their apps and their sites. As a community and independent organization, Prebid collaborates with developers and industry leaders to foster free and open source solutions.

About Carbon

Carbon is a real-time, first-party platform that consolidates revenue & audience analytics, data management and yield operations into a single, fully compliant solution.  By providing a seamless view of how editorial, audience and revenue operations interact, Carbon enables better content, buy-side and sell-side decisions through yield optimization, and intent driven audience development, execution & monetization, with compliant, end-to-end transparency.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.