Your revenue DNA

Few platforms understand the complex relationship between Revenue, Audience & Context. Therefore most publishers look at them in isolation. At Carbon we never attempt to isolate the data – instead we respect that complex relationship and decode it. Once we unlock your revenue DNA, we make it available to you in every part of the platform.

  • Audience & revenue analytics
  • Manual & automated segmentation
  • Curated & intelligent audiences
  • Cohort analysis

Simply smart & actionable

Carbon’s dashboards give teams an intelligent, intuitive and comprehensive understanding of their business. We make sure all those insights are actionable, with outputs that matter, contributing to KPIs such as audience & data growth and ultimately revenue.

  • Dynamic ads built on Prebid
  • Data scoring algorithms
  • Multiple integrations
  • Real-time syncs & activations

Unrivalled data science team

Our dedicated team of data scientists influence every aspect of our platform from how we ingest, process and score data, how we build better audiences, and how we optimise yields. We’re always innovating to extract maximum value from data at every stage whether that’s getting deeper insights, or improving yields further for publishers.

Engineered to scale

Carbon’s technology processes 800m web pages a month, and creates over 8bn monthly data events. With an infrastructure that sits across client side and browser (edge), cloud (AWS and Azure), and dedicated physical servers, we are engineered to scale. We have dedicated infrastructure as well as integrations and commercial agreements with some of the largest platforms and data aggregators in the world leveraging the right mix to ensure speed and scalability.


Carbon has privacy by design principles fully embedded so any privacy standards will always be reflected in our operations. As members of the IAB Transparency and Consent framework we’re immediately able to respect consumer privacy options and we fully embrace the self-regulatory standards for the industry through our membership with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

Client satisfaction above all else

Until we had a revenue management platform we didn’t really have an answer to the question of what type of content creates better ad yield and revenue…

Ryan Cousins, Product & Platform Director at Archant

I’ve worked with ‘leading’ DMPs and Carbon’s audience activation is a different level. Others will deliver an audience in around 6 to 24 hours, and they’re proud of that. Carbon is insane fast.

Adam Carey, Head of Adops at IMGUR

We’ve been really impressed with how engaging and supportive Carbon has been. Their data and machine learning driven tech is second-to-none, freeing up time & resource, whilst contributing to our bottom line.

Drew Curtis, Founder & CEO at Fark

Key benefits

More addressable audiences

Create more addressable audiences to increase the value of your inventory and attract more direct media buys & PMPs.

Improved yields & revenue

Higher CPMs and improved yields by filling your premium inventory with addressable audiences.

Complete transparency

Audience & revenue reporting to show the content, audiences and partners driving results to fuel further optimisation and deals.

Speed and scalability

Combining edge, cloud and server infrastructure with AI to ensure audiences can be built & activated as quick as needed.

Scored intent & brand signals

Unique intent and brand category data scoring leads to deeper, more accurate profiling and more relevant, high performing audiences.

Brand safety & control

Have more control over the brands and buyers advertising to your most valued audiences.

Data driven ad unit innovation

Dynamic ads built on Prebid to easily add demand partners to drive competition and higher CPMs.

100% of your audience

Custom events and pixel tracking for a range of events ensures we can profile 100% of your audience, including AMP.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.