1st party audience breakdowns

Complete breakdowns of your audiences, their demographics, scored intent, brand engagements and much more, overlaid with context and revenue data to identify high performing audiences to understand the audience value.

Intelligent audience creation

Using machine driven automation or our easy-to-use audience builder, publishers can create & activate the higher performing & more valuable audiences for their advertisers from within Carbon.

Automated sales sheets

Quick & easy export of audience cohort reports as sales sheets to showcase comprehensive 1st party audience breakdowns to potential media buyers.

Why Carbon?

Revenue DNA

Actionable audience & revenue reporting to create a common language and unified strategy between your revenue, editorial and operation teams.

Simply smart & actionable

Intelligent and actionable insights to build better quality audiences for your inventory, grow your 1st party data and drive higher revenue.

Unrivalled data science

From ingesting, processing and scoring data, to how we build & activate better audiences, we’re always innovating to extract maximum value from data.

Engineered to scale

Infrastructure across edge, cloud, and physical servers, combined with integrations with the largest platforms in the world to ensure speed and scalability.


Carbon has privacy by design principles fully embedded so any privacy standards will always be reflected in our operations.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction above all else. We work closely with clients to ensure their success.

The Carbon Platform

Carbon is now part of Magnite.