Data deserves better, it deserves Carbon.

  • Our mission is to make publishing more profitable.

  • Network of partners in data, audience and monetisation.

  • Work with global leaders, niche experts, and local specialists.

  • Open and flexible to new opportunities.

Scored Data Taxonomy

Our unique ability to see the value of a click or impression, in or close to real time, means audiences created in Carbon will reflect the desired level of intent or purchase stage for better targeting, engagement and response rates.

Brand Affinity

Brand affinity captured from browsing behaviour and scored by Carbon’s algorithms can be used for targeting, whilst such signals present unique persona elements to be inferred, such as luxury shopper, early adopter, etc.

Scale & Performance

Carbon processes 800m+ web pages per month, and creates over 7bn monthly data events which with our infrastructure across client side and browser (edge), cloud (AWS and Azure) and physical servers shows we are engineered to scale.

Compliance & Security

Built with privacy-by-design principles embedded we are members of the Iab Transparency and Consent framework and Network Advertising Initiative. As well as working within highly secure environments, we also hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

The Carbon Platform