Understand audience value

Understand audience subscription value relative to the monetization opportunity – which audiences engage with which content, what those impressions are worth, etc – and establish price floors based on those dynamic insights.

Find more subscribers

Machine driven audience segmentation and subscription modelling – using a range of tools including custom tracking – enables publishers to identify and target lookalike audiences to grow their 1st party audience, increase engagement and find more subscribers.

Custom Audience Pixel

The Custom Audience Pixel enables publishers to uncover and activate unique audiences based on custom events; including targeting subscribers, custom taxonomy nodes, unique revenue events, and ad clicks, among others.

Drive profitable subscription strategy

Sync and activate a range of manual, intelligent and curated audiences across o&o content, or onto integrated platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snap to grow your subscriber audience and generate additional revenue.

Why Carbon?

Revenue DNA

Actionable audience & revenue reporting to create a common language and unified strategy between your revenue, editorial and operation teams.

Simply smart & actionable

Intelligent and actionable insights to build better quality audiences for your inventory, grow your 1st party data and drive higher revenue.

Unrivalled data science

From ingesting, processing and scoring data, to how we build & activate better audiences, we’re always innovating to extract maximum value from data.

Engineered to scale

Infrastructure across edge, cloud, and physical servers, combined with integrations with the largest platforms in the world to ensure speed and scalability.


Carbon has privacy by design principles fully embedded so any privacy standards will always be reflected in our operations.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction above all else. We work closely with clients to ensure their success.

The Carbon Platform

Carbon is now part of Magnite.