Increased fill rates and CPMs

Revenue analytics combined with 1st party audience analytics fuel optimisation and rule-based ad units to ensure your ads are monetized for the highest CPMs available and to maximise fill rates.

AdIQ™ dynamic ad tag

AdIQ is a rule-based, dynamic ad unit that leverages real-time audience & revenue analytics as well as historical data to automatically trigger bidders for maximum bids, resulting in the best possible yield for publishers.

Prebid powered Super Unit™

The Prebid-powered Super Unit creates the most viewable impression, monetized by the highest bidder of any type of demand – display, rich media, video, and native – to derive the highest value possible for each impression.

Why Carbon?

Revenue DNA

Actionable audience & revenue reporting to create a common language and unified strategy between your revenue, editorial and operation teams.

Simply smart & actionable

Intelligent and actionable insights to build better quality audiences for your inventory, grow your 1st party data and drive higher revenue.

Unrivalled data science

From ingesting, processing and scoring data, to how we build & activate better audiences, we’re always innovating to extract maximum value from data.

Engineered to scale

Infrastructure across edge, cloud, and physical servers, combined with integrations with the largest platforms in the world to ensure speed and scalability.


Carbon has privacy by design principles fully embedded so any privacy standards will always be reflected in our operations.

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction above all else. We work closely with clients to ensure their success.

The Carbon Platform

Carbon is now part of Magnite.