Data solutions for everyone.

Improve existing revenue lines

Discover and optimise audiences to generate incremental revenue by leveraging scored intent & brand affinity signals, audience segmentation, and real-time revenue analytics.

  • Raise the value of your audience
  • Scale your audiences
  • Increase your CPMs
  • Monetise 100% of your users

Manage & grow your data assets

Analyse, enrich, and segment audiences using data science-driven tools to develop and grow your 1st party data assets.

  • AI driven audience data management
  • Holistic audience views with Cohort Analysis
  • Accurate categorisation & advanced data scoring
  • Grow your first party data assets

Add new incremental revenue streams

Generate new incremental revenue by leveraging our proprietary suite of monetisation products.

  • Use AI to drive new revenue
  • Data sales done better
  • Intent driven monetisation
  • Audience development

Improve customer acquisition & UX

Acquire new users whilst protecting the user experience

  • Hyper accurate customer acquisition
  • Extend campaign reach
  • 2 click audience export
  • Data available via API

Partner Solutions

Identify the complex relationship between the intent of your audience and your revenue, leveraging the power of scored intent and brand affinity to exploit the full value of your data

  • Scored data taxonomy
  • Identify brand affinities
  • Scale & performance
  • Compliance & security