Data solutions for everyone.

Sell more direct & PMP deals

Empower your sales team with the machine driven intelligence and tools to Identify and showcase your advertisers’ most valuable audiences.

  • 1st party audience breakdowns
  • Intelligent audience creation
  • Automated sales sheets

Grow addressable inventory & 1P data

Leverage unique machine-driven intelligence, data scoring and premium 3rd party insights to identify & activate more of your 1st party data against premium inventory for higher yields.

  • Analyse your 1st party assets
  • Grow your 1st party data
  • Create high value inventory

Increase & optimise programmatic yield

Harness the power of machine driven audience intelligence & segmentation and rule-based delivery to activate 1st party audiences for the highest possible yields from the open market.

  • Increased fill rates and CPMs
  • AdIQ™ dynamic ad tag
  • Prebid-powered Super Unit™

Increase subscriptions & engagement

Target audiences most likely to convert into subscribers and automate the process of engagement or monetization at a clearly defined and targeted premium.

  • Understand audience value
  • Find more subscribers
  • Drive profitable subscription strategies

More profitable user acquisition

Find and monetise high value audiences at scale by combining scored & revenue driven, site level, 1st party audience intelligence, with the reach of the biggest platforms.

  • Understand audience value
  • Build hyper relevant audiences fast
  • Grow your 1st party data assets

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