What is the Super Unit?

With Prebid becoming a standard part of publishers’ monetisation armoury our unique & proprietary Super Unit can generate up to 200% increase in CPM values when compared to traditional ad units.

  • Multi-format so display, video, and native formats – in varying sizes – can compete alongside one another.
  • Built on Prebid to allow the unit to coexist with or fully replace current Prebid deployments to easily add existing Prebid demand adapters.
  • Dynamic & adaptive to allow such placements as a standard, sticky, in-image, video-overlay and docked.
  • Proprietary demand partners can be layered straight into the unit such as Nativo, Outbrain, Teads, Vidazoo/Milkshake, etc alongside standard Prebid demand and existing Prebid demand to further drive competition and higher CPMs.

Key benefits of the Super Unit

  • Maximum efficiency and competition in each placement
  • Increase fill rates and effective CPMs
  • Easily add Prebid demand adapters straight from the dashboard
  • Consolidate your revenue and reporting