• Intent & brand targeting

    Leverage our uniquely scored data taxonomy across intent & brand affinity for more valuable audiences

  • Automated segments

    Segment your audiences with innovative tools & techniques developed by our dedicated team of data scientists.

  • Distributed & edge computing

    We are engineered for scale with infrastructure across client side and browser (edge), cloud, and dedicated physical servers.

  • Real-time reach forecasting

    Access more accurate reach estimations in real-time as you build out your segments.

Discover & execute on your most valuable audiences

An enterprise grade DMP with unrivalled identity & revenue analytics to discover and activate your most valuable audiences across every major platform & marketplace for higher performance and yields.

Uniquely scored Intent & brand affinity signals

Using machine learning algorithms, Carbon uniquely scores and applies its intent and brand affinity signals for accurate segmentation to increase the value of your audiences.

Real-time syncs

Sync audiences in real time to your platforms of choice as they interact with your digital touchpoints to drive highly relevant experiences in-the-moment, as they click.

Machine driven audiences

Create high value audiences automatically, using AI and Machine Learning segmentation techniques, that deliver campaign performance for advertisers and improved yields for publishers.

  • “We wanted a partner who understood us and could help us adapt, innovate and grow. Carbon’s experience, tech and great support means they’re able to understand and act upon our key challenges and opportunities” James Parfitt, Archant
  • “We’ve been really impressed with how engaging and supportive Carbon has been. Their data and machine learning driven tech is second-to-none, freeing up time & resource, whilst contributing to our bottom line.” Drew Curtis, Fark.com

The Carbon Platform