• 1st party data breakdowns

    Complete breakdowns of your audiences, their demographics, scored intent, brand engagements and much more,

  • Audience & contextual analytics

    Overlay audience signals with deep contextual session-based knowledge to reveal further insights.

  • Auction & revenue analytics

    Revenue reporting to indicate which users, content, and sources are driving your engagement, revenue and eCPM

  • Real-time trending insights

    Activate detailed audience insights in real-time for improved segmentation and monetisation

Make informed revenue decisions in real-time

Unlock intelligent & actionable insights through detailed behavioural analytics and revenue reporting to indicate which audiences, content, and sources are driving your engagement, revenue and eCPM.

Understand the true value of your users

Understand your audiences – including their intent & brand affinities – using hyper accurate categorisation, data scoring algorithms, and 1st/2nd/3rd party breakdowns to spot trends and identify opportunities to increase ROI in real-time.

Unique insights that fuel optimisation and revenue

Map and optimise the path from content to revenue with unique, detailed audience insights; including detailed breakdowns of demographics, ranked intent, brand affiliation, location, devices and more, to find audiences to satisfy your advertisers.

Prebid analytics and insights

Unlock the data, insights and revenue behind your header bidding auctions, down to bidder, deal id, user and URL, to then create audience cohorts based on real time auction data.

  • “We wanted a partner who understood us and could help us adapt, innovate and grow. Carbon’s experience, tech and great support means they’re able to understand and act upon our key challenges and opportunities” James Parfitt, Archant
  • “We’ve been really impressed with how engaging and supportive Carbon has been. Their data and machine learning driven tech is second-to-none, freeing up time & resource, whilst contributing to our bottom line.” Drew Curtis, Fark.com

The Carbon Platform