This week in publishing – Programmatic matures, CTV the next key ad arena, and more publishers embrace post-cookie future

Programmatic maturing: Measurement & transparency are critical Programmatic is maturing and with the continued growth of gaming, CTV/OTT, and audio, programmatic will continue to surge and reshape the digital landscape.  TV, for instance, has seen big shifts from linear to CTV but with the great expectations that digital innovation brings marketers need to know the

Carbon joins

Carbon is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a Community Member of as it strives for more transparency in ad tech. In November 2020, Carbon – the first & only revenue management platform (RMP) – joined as a community member to support its mission in making digital advertising fair, transparent

How to focus your editorial on revenue

Publishers need to produce content that fuels traffic, engages their audiences and drives yield, whether that’s through ads, subscriptions or otherwise. In order to optimise their editorial strategy, publishers must understand their audiences’ value in tandem with the content they engage with to divert their resources to the trending topics, formats and channels that drive

How to drive more profitable audience development

Publishers often walk a fine line between growth and quality, balancing programmatic monetization with subscriptions. The challenge is to better understand audience behaviour and value to adapt those strategies with varying engagement, content and ad experiences to acquire similar audiences at scale, across O&O properties and high reach walled gardens. Carbon’s machine learning and AI

How to Increase revenue by syncing 1st party audiences across the web

The walled gardens offer unquestionable audience reach, but lack scored and revenue driven, site level, 1st party audience intelligence. Finding those high value audiences at scale with accuracy is a critical challenge for publishers, in order to target the right audiences at the right price to grow their data and profitability. With Carbon’s data science

How to measure the profitability of your buy-side traffic in real-time

Publishers are increasingly working with broad reach audience platforms to acquire high value targeted audiences. However, many publishers struggle to measure and understand the true value of their audience in real-time, which can lead to highly inefficient spending on less profitable channels. With Carbon’s transparent site analytics, revenue reporting, and audience data publishers can: Understand

Carbon is now part of Magnite.