This week in publishing – Subscriptions the key focus; Arena acquires Parade; plus more Google and adtech revelations

Publishers focus on subscriptions despite ads growth Further insights from Digiday’s latest publisher research show where publishers see revenue growth in 2022.  Overall, 75% of publishers expect ad revenue growth in 2022; with 47% expecting subscriptions revenue growth and 47% expecting ecommerce growth.  Whilst it seems obvious that 73% of publishers with established subscriptions businesses

This week in publishing – Google’s second iteration of FLoC, IAB under fire as trust wanes, and digital publishers’ Q3 highlights

Identity: Cookie deprecation driven losses; can Google save FLoC2; and non-AMP ad throttling A lotame study released last week suggested 57% of marketers expect 10-25% revenue decrease from cookie deprecation.  In a bid to avoid these losses – and maintain privacy compliant audience targeting – email-based identity solutions (66%) were the most popular choice of

This week in publishing – Digital ads not going anywhere, email IDs under scrutiny, and the internet’s paid layer

A retort to Scott Galloway’s digital ad takedown After Scott Galloway’s brutal analysis of digital advertising – calling it Carcinogenic and predicting its collapse – we had a retort from Business Insiders’s Mike Shields in which he explains why Galloway is wrong.  Whilst Shields agrees with Galloway on the issues within the market – such

This week in publishing – The growing CTV opportunity, subscription fatigue, and G7 consider consent changes

Growing CTV opportunity In the US, an estimated $13.4bn will be spent on CTV ads this year (up 48% YoY), with $6.7bn of that being purchased programmatically.  There’s a great timeline of 2021 CTV innovation on TheDrum covering everything from the pandemic-driven rise of ad-supported streaming and video on-demand, and the growing interest of Smart

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