This week in publishing – Programmatic matures, CTV the next key ad arena, and more publishers embrace post-cookie future

Programmatic maturing: Measurement & transparency are critical Programmatic is maturing and with the continued growth of gaming, CTV/OTT, and audio, programmatic will continue to surge and reshape the digital landscape.  TV, for instance, has seen big shifts from linear to CTV but with the great expectations that digital innovation brings marketers need to know the

This week in publishing – The Trade Desk introduces OpenPath; Google Encrypted Signals; and Privacy Sandbox comes to Android

The Trade Desk launches OpenPath The Trade Desk announced OpenPath this week, a new product that reportedly allows advertisers to buy programmatic ads directly from premium publishers in order to make ad buying cheaper and more transparent.  However, the move also means cutting out Google Open Bidding – and others – from their ad buying

This week in publishing – Ad market growing faster than expected; first party key for 2022 relationship building; and compliance concerns.

2022: Ad market keeps growing faster-than-expected According to GroupM’s latest figures digital advertising will account for 64.4% of total ad spend this year; but worryingly it’s big tech that is benefitting most with 80-90% of that (outside of China) going to the parents of Google, Facebook and Amazon.  The latter of those also appears to

Carbon partners with Xandr to enable publishers to deliver machine-driven audiences into major DSPs for higher programmatic yields

Carbon, the first-of-its-kind revenue management platform, has announced a new strategic alliance with Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, to leverage Xandr Curate for improved audience deliverability and monetisation.  Carbon combines automated categorisation and a scored data taxonomy with real-time revenue analytics to uncover unique first party audiences.  This new alliance will enable publishers to activate

The Power of Consent in AdTech: How Archant and Carbon are bridging the gap between privacy and monetization

Who is Archant?  Archant is a media company dedicated to enhancing the lives and businesses of the communities they serve through outstanding content, service, and expertise. As one of the UK’s largest publishers with a reach of over 12 million digital readers every month, Archant taps into a wide source of customer data. As a publisher, Archant provides highly relevant, powerful,

This week in publishing – Programmatic continues to grow, ecommerce fuels retail media, and is the cookie really going?

Programmatic growth and innovation Innovation in the programmatic space continues to gain momentum; whether it’s in-game, CTV, audio, digital-out-of-home, or unique collaborations, such as the one between Carbon & SmartRTB with the growing power of 1st party audience data.  For instance, this week saw Channel4 embrace real-time bidding with the launch of its All4 Private

This week in identity – Publishers scale back cookieless initiatives, solving Safari, and Programmatic Guaranteed

Publishers scale back post-cookie plans Research from Digiday suggests that publishers are scaling back their post-cookie planning in response to Google’s delayed deprecation.  For instance; the level of publishers preparing for the end of third party cookies remained relatively flat at 68% whilst those worried about their ability to target ads fell from 59 to

This week in identity – 11th June 2021

According to eMarketer, time spent with media grew by nearly an hour in the US last year – most likely the impact of the pandemic and associated lockdowns. Whilst growth won’t be as fast over the next few years, time spent with digital media will still grow to well over 8 hours by 2023 largely

Carbon is now part of Magnite.