This week in publishing – The Trade Desk introduces OpenPath; Google Encrypted Signals; and Privacy Sandbox comes to Android

The Trade Desk launches OpenPath The Trade Desk announced OpenPath this week, a new product that reportedly allows advertisers to buy programmatic ads directly from premium publishers in order to make ad buying cheaper and more transparent.  However, the move also means cutting out Google Open Bidding – and others – from their ad buying

This week in publishing – IAB Europe’s TCF falling short; industry reacts to Topics API; an audio ID; and Adform’s new FusionID

The regulators: IAB Europe’s TCF falls short On Thursday 2nd February 2022, the Belgian data protection authority (APD) published its final decision on a long running complaint against the IAB Europe’s TCF – the Transparency & Consent Framework.  The TCF sets the standard for collecting Internet users’ permission to process their data for behavioral advertising

This week in publishing – Topics of conversation, German publishers file against Google, and a strong year expected for ad spending

Google changes Topics of conversation The big Google news this week was their announcement of their FLoC replacement: Topics API.  Rather than grouping users together, Topics enables the Chrome browser to learn about the individual’s browsing behaviours, recording information about the sites they have visited for the previous 3 weeks and storing it.  Topics will

This week in publishing – Subscriptions the key focus; Arena acquires Parade; plus more Google and adtech revelations

Publishers focus on subscriptions despite ads growth Further insights from Digiday’s latest publisher research show where publishers see revenue growth in 2022.  Overall, 75% of publishers expect ad revenue growth in 2022; with 47% expecting subscriptions revenue growth and 47% expecting ecommerce growth.  Whilst it seems obvious that 73% of publishers with established subscriptions businesses

This week in publishing – Google’s second iteration of FLoC, IAB under fire as trust wanes, and digital publishers’ Q3 highlights

Identity: Cookie deprecation driven losses; can Google save FLoC2; and non-AMP ad throttling A lotame study released last week suggested 57% of marketers expect 10-25% revenue decrease from cookie deprecation.  In a bid to avoid these losses – and maintain privacy compliant audience targeting – email-based identity solutions (66%) were the most popular choice of

This week in publishing – Google’s new ways to activate first party data; Apple costs big tech $10bn; and digging into the privacy freeze

Identity: First party PPIDs on Google, Yahoo integrates ConnectID with Merkle, UID2.0 case study This week Google announced new ways for publishers to activate first-party data; specifically enabling the use of publisher-provided identifiers (PPIDs) with Google’s programmatic demand to better customise ad targeting as well as frequency capping and other audience-based ad delivery controls. There’s

This week in publishing – Facebook woes create opportunity, FLoC testing delayed, and marketers upping their contextual spending

Facebook outages & whistleblowing could mean opportunities for publishers Whilst Facebook may be left counting the costs of a pretty tough week (e.g. $79m ad revenue loss, billions wiped from its value and huge brand damage), publishers should see the opportunity in Facebook’s woes.  Firstly, Facebook was down for 6 hours on Monday 4th October,

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