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This week in publishing – Portfolio approach to addressability; state & rise of retail media; and Reuters Global Trends 2022 report

Portfolio approach to addressability the real winner? IAB Tech Lab CEO, Anthony Katsur, and the IAB are encouraging a portfolio approach to addressability that includes first party data, contextual, and browser APIs, that can apply to existing and new channels such as CTV.  In his AdExchanger pieces Katsur talks about the three buckets that addressability

This week in publishing – PXI project to bring clarity to audience addressability; Mega M&A news; and MadTech & CTV in 2022

Identity: PXI aims to bring clarity to audience addressability; LiveRamp & Lotame expand partnership; and more According to Digiday research publishers post-third party cookie plans remain unchanged with first party data, publisher/adtech built solutions, and non-ad revenue streams where appropriate being key focuses.  However, the level of publishers still worried has remained similar with 55%

This week in publishing – Ad market growing faster than expected; first party key for 2022 relationship building; and compliance concerns.

2022: Ad market keeps growing faster-than-expected According to GroupM’s latest figures digital advertising will account for 64.4% of total ad spend this year; but worryingly it’s big tech that is benefitting most with 80-90% of that (outside of China) going to the parents of Google, Facebook and Amazon.  The latter of those also appears to

This week in publishing – Google’s new ways to activate first party data; Apple costs big tech $10bn; and digging into the privacy freeze

Identity: First party PPIDs on Google, Yahoo integrates ConnectID with Merkle, UID2.0 case study This week Google announced new ways for publishers to activate first-party data; specifically enabling the use of publisher-provided identifiers (PPIDs) with Google’s programmatic demand to better customise ad targeting as well as frequency capping and other audience-based ad delivery controls. There’s

Carbon partners with Xandr to enable publishers to deliver machine-driven audiences into major DSPs for higher programmatic yields

Carbon, the first-of-its-kind revenue management platform, has announced a new strategic alliance with Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, to leverage Xandr Curate for improved audience deliverability and monetisation.  Carbon combines automated categorisation and a scored data taxonomy with real-time revenue analytics to uncover unique first party audiences.  This new alliance will enable publishers to activate

Carbon is now part of Magnite.