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This week in publishing – Google’s new ways to activate first party data; Apple costs big tech $10bn; and digging into the privacy freeze

Identity: First party PPIDs on Google, Yahoo integrates ConnectID with Merkle, UID2.0 case study This week Google announced new ways for publishers to activate first-party data; specifically enabling the use of publisher-provided identifiers (PPIDs) with Google’s programmatic demand to better customise ad targeting as well as frequency capping and other audience-based ad delivery controls. There’s

This week in publishing – Digital ads not going anywhere, email IDs under scrutiny, and the internet’s paid layer

A retort to Scott Galloway’s digital ad takedown After Scott Galloway’s brutal analysis of digital advertising – calling it Carcinogenic and predicting its collapse – we had a retort from Business Insiders’s Mike Shields in which he explains why Galloway is wrong.  Whilst Shields agrees with Galloway on the issues within the market – such

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