data science

Machine-driven data scoring

Using data science Carbon uniquely scores intent and brand affinity data to enable publishers access more accurate insights, build more relevant audiences and activate those audiences with confidence to improve performance.

Use of statistical models for personalised content delivery

Former KTP Associate – now senior data scientist at Carbon – Ryan Jessop, and current KTP Associate Ela Oftadeh, recently presented some of their KTP work at the Royal Society for Statistics (RSS) conference 2020. Diving into their use of statistical models and decision support for personalised advert and content delivery, it’s further reflection of

Carbon data scientist secures second national award

A talented Teesside-based data scientist is making an impact on the technology sector after securing a second national award win. Ryan Jessop, who works at revenue management platform Carbon, claimed the coveted Data Scientist of the Year title at the inaugural AI and Machine Learning Awards. Held on Wednesday 3 July 2019, the special ceremony

Carbon is now part of Magnite.