Valentine’s CPMs: The Value of Love

Will you be our Valentine? According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) Americans will spend nearly $24bn on Valentine’s Day treating the ones they love with gifts most commonly including candy, greeting cards and flowers, as well as more expensive jewellery-based gifts. Valentine’s Day is big business with over 145m Valentine’s Day cards exchanged –

CPMs for your New year’s resolutions

Our new year’s resolution: Make publishing more profitable Every year we all make new year’s resolutions, promising ourselves to get fit, eat more healthily, get outside more, learn a new skill, or start a new hobby. For digital media there’s a lengthy to-do list with publishers and adtech looking for resolutions to the impending deprecation

A leaderboard of Gaming CPMs

Can you set a new CPM high score? With over 3.2bn video gamers globally, the growing popularity of mobile gaming, and new innovation across VR & AR, gaming continues to be a growing opportunity for publishers and brands alike. Combined with the lasting effects of pandemic-driven gaming interest in both playing and viewing – via

An Inspection of Automotive CPMs

Are your automotive CPMs roadworthy? From the slow rise back to normality seeing more people travel – for work and pleasure – to the growing interest in electric-powered vehicles, cars are central to many of our lives as part of our hobbies & interests or just a practical way of getting around. Carbon’s revenue DNA

The Food & Drink CPMs Menu

Who’s hungry? With the hospitality industry re-opening and getting back to some sort of normality, plus our never dying love for takeaway food, consumers are never far way from content around food & drink. Carbon’s revenue DNA maps context to CPMs to allow publishers to see the value of their content in real time. Here

The Power of Consent in AdTech: How Archant and Carbon are bridging the gap between privacy and monetization

Who is Archant?  Archant is a media company dedicated to enhancing the lives and businesses of the communities they serve through outstanding content, service, and expertise. As one of the UK’s largest publishers with a reach of over 12 million digital readers every month, Archant taps into a wide source of customer data. As a publisher, Archant provides highly relevant, powerful,

The Premier League of CPMs

Football is back! With the return of English football in mid-August, football fans across the UK have shifted their attention back to their beloved clubs.  There’s been some surprises already with strong starts for West Ham, Brighton and Tottenham; and whilst Man City lost their opener they’re leading the way for CPMs according to Carbon’s

Fark.com sees over 200% uplift in CPMs using AdIQ

Carbon’s real-time audience and analytics data is directly translated to incremental revenue through its rule based (dynamic) ad units tool, AdIQ. Across a two month test, AdIQ units consistently outperformed standard ad units, achieving a maximum 242% uplift on CPMs, and contributing an overall 10% uplift to Fark’s open exchange revenue. Want to learn how

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