Will you be our Valentine?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) Americans will spend nearly $24bn on Valentine’s Day treating the ones they love with gifts most commonly including candy, greeting cards and flowers, as well as more expensive jewellery-based gifts. Valentine’s Day is big business with over 145m Valentine’s Day cards exchanged – according to Hallmark – but perhaps more impressive is the $1.2bn Americans will spend on Valentine gifts for their pets!

Carbon’s revenue DNA maps context to CPMs to allow publishers to see the value of their content in real time. Here we used pages carrying an array of category content commonly related to Valentine’s Day, and the related ad-revenue* to showcase the sort of data that is available to our clients to power sell and buy side decisions.

The biggest CPM increase over the comparison period was ‘women’s jewelry’ with a 99% rise to $10.80; followed by ‘pets’ with an 84% rise to $9.89, ‘women’s sleepwear’ which rose 67% to $10.51, and ‘weddings’ which rose 68% to $9.55. There’s also some interesting rises for ‘hotels & motels’ as well as ‘spas’ with some couples possibly interested in some short Valentine getaways. From a brand CPM perspective there was a mixed bag among standard gifts – such as Cadbury (up 29% to $5.46) and Hallmark (up 53% to $2.96) – and perhaps more expensive gifts – such as Rolex (up 44% to $7.88).

*Comparing the final week in January vs week prior to Valentine’s Day, averaged across multiple clients.

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