Our new year’s resolution: Make publishing more profitable

Every year we all make new year’s resolutions, promising ourselves to get fit, eat more healthily, get outside more, learn a new skill, or start a new hobby. For digital media there’s a lengthy to-do list with publishers and adtech looking for resolutions to the impending deprecation of third party cookies, identity shifts, privacy challenges, and delivering great user experiences, whilst maintaining strong CPMs and revenue. Carbon’s new year’s resolution, as always, is to make publishing more profitable.

Carbon’s revenue DNA maps context to CPMs to allow publishers to see the value of their content in real time. Here we used pages carrying an array of category content commonly related to new year’s resolutions, and the related ad-revenue* to showcase the sort of data that is available to our clients to power sell and buy side decisions.

Covering a typical 7 day period across a selection of sites within Carbon’s network we can see an array of CPMs. It’s probably no surprise to see some of the highest CPMs being among health and fitness as people look to get fit after Christmas with the likes of Kappa ($5.36), Lush ($4.18) and Fitbit ($4.08). There’s also some longer term planning with strong CPMs for finance – JP Morgan ($5.25) and Mastercard ($3.89) – as well as travel brands such as American Airlines ($5.36), Hilton ($4.01) and TUI ($3.33).

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