Are your automotive CPMs roadworthy?

From the slow rise back to normality seeing more people travel – for work and pleasure – to the growing interest in electric-powered vehicles, cars are central to many of our lives as part of our hobbies & interests or just a practical way of getting around.

Carbon’s revenue DNA maps context to CPMs to allow publishers to see the value of their content in real time. Here we use our proprietary context engine to extract pages carrying automotive content and their related ad-revenue. This sort of data is instantly available in the dashboard to power better sell and buy side decisions for our clients.

Covering a typical 7 day period across a selection of sites within Carbon’s network we can see an array of CPMs. There were a few star buys with Bentley ($6.51) and Ferrari ($6.56) both surpassing $6.50 for their average CPMs, whilst at the other end of the scale Vauxhall had the lowest average at $2.37. Meanwhile; electric cars became the number one registered car of the month for the first time in Europe in September 2021, largely thanks to Tesla which saw a healthy $4.77 CPM average across Carbon.

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