The walled gardens offer unquestionable audience reach, but lack scored and revenue driven, site level, 1st party audience intelligence. Finding those high value audiences at scale with accuracy is a critical challenge for publishers, in order to target the right audiences at the right price to grow their data and profitability.

With Carbon’s data science driven tools, automated segmentation, and multiple integrations, publishers can:

  • Build hyper accurate audiences using scored intent and brand signals
  • Measure the value of audience segments based on real-time revenue data
  • Access high value audience segments based on automated AI
  • Sync and activate audiences in real-time to the platforms of choice

Download the guide using the form below to see how our publishers leverage unique machine-driven intelligence and data scoring with the reach of walled gardens to accurately value and acquire audiences matched against verified audience segments with clear, real-time, value transparency. We’ll only ever user your email to follow up on your interest in our solution.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.