Publishers often walk a fine line between growth and quality, balancing programmatic monetization with subscriptions. The challenge is to better understand audience behaviour and value to adapt those strategies with varying engagement, content and ad experiences to acquire similar audiences at scale, across O&O properties and high reach walled gardens.

Carbon’s machine learning and AI approach delivers the tools, automated segmentation, and multiple direct audience source integrations to achieve scale:

  • Identify the content and sources engaging your most profitable audiences
  • Assemble hyper accurate audiences with scored intent and brand affinity data
  • Let Carbon’s machine learning define and create high value audiences for you
  • Sync and activate audiences in real-time to key platforms

Download the guide using the form below to see how our publishers leverage unique machine-driven intelligence, segmentation and activation tools to understand and grow their high performing and high value audiences across O&O properties and the walled gardens, maintaining a seamless user experience with high revenue yield. We’ll only ever user your email to follow up on your interest in our solution.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.