Carbon is delighted to announce that we’ve been named a Finalist in the British Data Awards 2021, in the ‘Analytics Company of the Year’ category.

In the last year publishers have been challenged on a number of fronts: identity changes, regulatory pressures, pandemic-driven media changes, and more. Analytics has become an ever more critical tool to learn about their audiences to drive real-time actionable insights and ensure a quality user experience, whilst identifying growth opportunities.

In early 2020, Carbon merged its DMP with a revenue analytics platform to create a proposition for publishers that brings together previously siloed audience, context and revenue analytics into one platform.  This provides 2 key benefits: 1) it negates the high costs of paying for separate vendors of audience, context and revenue analytics; and 2) it brings together inextricable data that together produces actionable audience insights that improve revenue.

“Carbon’s Analytics component is our source of truth for audience and revenue data, and that component alone has saved us spending several thousand pounds a month on analytics platforms that don’t do nearly as much”

Ryan Cousins, Product & Platform director, Archant

This combined audience & revenue approach to analytics created a set of features where publishers can identify which audiences, content, and sources are driving their engagement, revenue and CPMs.  Connecting these insights to our machine-driven segmentation & audience activation tools fuels acquisition campaigns, editorial, content distribution, and monetisation.  This nomination for ‘Analytics Company of the Year’ underlines the impact our product can and is having.

“It’s an absolute honour to be nominated for Analytics Company of the Year and a testament to the team and what we’ve built here at Carbon. There’s still turbulence ahead for publishers but by putting analytics at the very foundation of publishers’ revenue operations we’re helping them be more profitable, whilst guiding them through the privacy & identity challenges they’re facing.”

Pete Danks, CEO Carbon

The British Data Awards is an annual campaign that aims to uncover data success stories and celebrate the most passionate data-led organisations, no matter their size.  Organisations taking part this year include FTSE 100 giants, tech unicorns, public sector bodies, newly launched not-for-profit organisations and everything in between.

“We set-off on a quest to find our Finalists back in February, and it’s been quite a journey! Judging the entries has been a challenge due to the number of high quality entries, but it’s also been a great privilege. It’s reminded us of the sheer talent and ingenuity that makes the UK such a global powerhouse for all things data. All our Finalists should be very proud.”

Jason Johnson, Co-Founder of Predatech and British Data Awards judge

The winners of the British Data Awards 2021 will be announced on Tuesday 4 th May.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.