We hope you’ve had a great start to the year and wish you all the success for 2022. In this update article we wanted to share some highlights of our more recent product updates and company news as we continue on our mission to make publishing more profitable; including new audience overlap features and the new European Addressable Media Initiative.

Audience Overlap

Carbon’s comprehensive audience cohort reporting – that covers top demographics, intents, brands, sites and pages for each audience – now also includes overlap metrics to uncover new opportunities for finding simple lookalikes and growing reach.  Whilst cohort reports showcase the top 20 audience overlaps, Carbon provides a practically limitless set of audience overlaps to be created for analysis including all available first and third party data signals available.  Audiences created from an overlap can then be delivered for programmatic targeting.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual categorisation and semantic understanding is a core element of Carbon’s product IP, giving publishers unparalleled flexibility to analyse, categorise and activate audiences against content.  Our automated categorisation categorises every pageview into the most appropriate IAB taxonomy node that can then be passed into the bidstream in real-time for targeting within the first pageview and all future pageviews.

Furthermore, our automated contextual targeting extends the standard IAB contextual signals with an ability to target based on weighted keyword clouds for more accurate & granular targeting.  Keywords are scored based on their importance across multiple pages using statistical techniques to give them numerical vectors that can be compared to other keyword vectors.

Find out more about our contextual capabilities here.

Other key updates from 2021

 Brand Safety
Carbon contextual also analyses pages for brand safety risks and adds those pages into IAB Sensitive Topics segments for negative targeting where required (including the ability to target away from pages that haven’t yet been brand safety checked).

 Custom Audience Pixel
The Custom Audience Pixel enables publishers to uncover and activate unique audiences based on custom events; including targeting subscribers, custom taxonomy nodes, unique revenue events, and ad clicks, among others.  Find out more about Carbon’s Custom Audience Pixel here.

 Demographic modelling
Carbon uses a range of AI-driven modelling techniques to determine the first party demographics of each pageview – including age, education, gender, income, and family make-up.  Read more about Carbon’s demographic modelling techniques here.

News highlights: Addressable Media, Xandr, 2022 monetisation

 European Addressable Media Initiative launches
Carbon is one of the founding members of the European Addressable Media Initiative which aims to work collaboratively across the media and advertising ecosystem to bring clarity to the fast-changing landscape of identity resolution, targeting and addressability solutions.  You can read more about the initiative here.

 Partnering with Xandr to deliver higher programmatic yields
Carbon formed a strategic alliance with Xandr to enable publishers to activate unique first party audiences built using Carbon, across major DSPs using Xandr Curate, in order to generate high yields. You can read more about the alliance here.

 2022 monetisation: Ads, subscriptions and everything in between
In a recent panel discussion we were joined by experts from Archant, The Atlantic, Axate and Narratiive to ponder what the future holds for publisher revenues: is it ads, subscriptions, something in between, or all of the above?  Check out the highlights package here.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.