Carbon’s automated & AI-driven audience segmentation surfaced high value audiences to drive above average CTRs & campaign performance for Hive Digital Media advertisers.  Hive Digital Media were able to drive an overall average 20% uplift in CTRs by using Carbon as part of their digital strategy, as well as a 255% increase in targetable audiences versus the DMP they previously used.

The Opportunity

Engaging with Carbon RMP and Narratiive – the go-to partner for audience intelligence in MENA, South Africa and emerging markets – Hive Digital Media were looking to grow existing audiences and identify new audience opportunities in driving campaign performance for their clients.  Audience targeting is a critical requirement for Hive Digital Media and its clients to ensure campaign performance that drives high CTRs and meaningful brand engagements.

Hive Digital Media has a broad client base across a number of multiple different sectors so therefore they needed an audience data platform that could provide a deep taxonomy, multiple audience overlays and strong segmentation features to find new valuable audiences.  Hive Digital Media wanted to use Carbon Audiences to identify and activate the most relevant audience segments for their clients, whilst finding over & under-performing audiences to optimise in-flight, to ultimately drive maximum performance.


Increase ad CTR and the number of targetable audiences to improve overall campaign performance for Hive Digital Media clients.

The Solution

Carbon’s machine learning-based platform delivers the automation, segmentation tools, and direct integrations to achieve quality audience activation at scale.  The Carbon Audience builder allowed Hive Digital Media to assemble audiences relevant to their clients using a variety of attributes, whilst also enabling machine learning to automate the process of defining and creating high value audiences for them & their clients.  For instance; Carbon’s uniquely scored data taxonomy enables users to build audiences based on the strength of affinity to a specific brand or interest.

Clients often request specific audiences which is great and Carbon has a really effective audience builder which helps us investigate and suggest additional or alternative audiences that could have a positive effect that the client may not have thought of.

Kristin Louw, general manager at Hive Digital Media

With the connected and non-siloed nature of the Carbon platform, it provides rich, actionable audience insights that allow Hive Digital Media to analyse & optimise audience and campaign performance in-flight.  Subsequently, Hive Digital Media is then able to sync and activate those audiences in real-time to their clients’ preferred platforms.


Carbon’s automated categorisation automates the process of finding, mapping and optimizing page categories and data signals to enable Hive Digital Media to easily identify audience improvements to optimise client campaigns – driving cost efficiencies as well as saving the time of manual mapping work.

As a result of this automation combined with Carbon’s machine-driven audience discovery & segmentation tools, Hive Digital Media were able to increase the amount of targetable audience segments by 255% versus their previous DMP over a 12 month period.  This meant that as well as improving upon the quality of current audiences available for optimisation, Hive Digital Media were able to find new audiences too.

By identifying more relevant audience segments Hive Digital Media were able to deliver better campaign performance for their clients too.  CTR (Click Through Rate) is the key performance metric when it comes to audience and campaign effectiveness for Hive Digital Media, and as a result of using Carbon audiences were able to drive an average 20% CTR uplift versus their previous DMP.  Furthermore, Hive Digital Media have been able to use Carbon’s audience tools to remove/replace overlays as a means of optimising campaigns when overlays weren’t yielding the desired results.

Working with the Hive Digital Media team and measuring the increase in scale and quality of their first party data assets using Carbon’s automation has been an absolute delight!  Their innovative team quickly embraced the benefits of Carbon and the increased audience performance is a great proof point for the value of using high accuracy audiences

David Snocken, VP Commercial & Strategic Partnerships, Carbon

About Carbon & Narratiive

Carbon RMP (revenue management platform) is a real-time, first-party data platform that consolidates revenue & audience analytics, data management and yield operations into a single, fully compliant solution.  Carbon works with Narratiive, the go-to partner for actionable insights and intelligence for marketers & publishers in MENA, South Africa and emerging markets. With the largest footprint in its operating markets, Narratiive offers a suite of analytical, research, insights and market mapping tools.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.