Intent data goes beyond interest

Intent data goes beyond interests by leveraging additional contextual touch points – such as what type of site the user is on – and deeper taxonomies to give a more accurate signals.

Brand affinity data

Similar to how people show an intent-to-buy, they often show an affiliation to specific brands such as football teams, clothing brands and tech products. That’s why Carbon’s taxonomy has 100s of brands within it, and the tech to assign & score them accordingly.

Activate audiences with confidence

By using scored intent and brand affinity signals, Carbon enables users to build & activate audiences based on where they are in the purchase cycle or level of affiliation to a brand.

How we score our data

Despite the fact that no two visits to a web page are the same, many data companies will still categorise them in the same way. We don’t, and by scoring our data we offer the most reliable and accurate signals of intent for better performing audiences.


The number of days that a particular user has been active within an intent category across multiple sites, not just the original site, giving more reliable intent signals.


How recent the activity within an intent category has been measured across multiple sites to ensure the recency of intent rather than just the recency of a visit to a site to enable accuracy of intent.


A measure of the regularity of the user within a given intent category, how often they have the intent again across multiple different sites and instances.

Source & site type

The type of website/publication they are on while being profiled. For instance, an ecommerce site will have a higher score than a blog or general interest site.

How you can leverage scored data

Audience insights

Insights that show relevant, near real-time and actionable trends within a user’s audience to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Audience segmentation

Curated Audiences (pre-built, off-the-shelf audiences), Intelligent Audiences (discovered by our machine learning algorithms) and when creating audiences manually.

Audience activation

Whether you’re looking to maximise yields, or target the most in-market customers, scored data signals give more confidence in the audiences you build & activate.