Open always wins

We believe that multiple partnerships will always beat one – Carbon will aim to aggregate more talent, more diversity and more tech than one single partner can offer a publisher. That’s why we’re following a multi-faceted approach to identity, supporting publishers by exploring a number of id solutions, with the Carbon RMP uniquely positioned to measure the most positive impact on reach and yield.

Distributed data storage

Carbon distributes storage and processing capabilities across edge (local storage), cloud and physical computing resources to ensure performance and identity stability.

First party data

Carbon’s automated 1st party data categorisation engine captures high quality signals from every page seen; as well as additional page meta-data, engagement events (e.g. scroll depth), exit events (e.g. ad click-outs) and custom tracking via pixel insertion.

We combine these signals with contextual data and real-time first party revenue performance data at impression, pageview, eCPM and total revenue level; for unique insights that can be used for segmentation and ad targeting; as well as audience development.

Third party data

In environments where 3rd party cookies aren’t available Carbon uses localstorage – storing data in the browser – as a privacy compliant and reliable alternative. Our commitment to clients is that where there is relevant and compliant third party data available that helps them achieve their goals, we will make that available to them.


Our NLP/contextual modelling processes extract the meaningful content of an article, which is identified and labelled based on the IAB’s content taxonomy plus our custom brand and keywords, then scored by our proprietary algorithms.

As a result, publishers can provide brand relevant, contextual targeting to their buyers, whilst retaining the value of their ad inventory and providing a better user experience. These contextual insights can also be combined with your 1st party behavioural and revenue data for deeper insights and targeting opportunities.

Universal identifiers

There’s an increasingly long list of ID providers which all fall into the following main categories based on their primary approach:

  • Verified ID – Using anonymised email addresses, telephone numbers or similar PII.
  • Modelled ID – Using probabilistic modelling of signals such as IP address, URL, timestamp.
  • Clean Room – Matching/augmentation delivered by an intermediary without the need to directly share between the data owners.

To best support our clients as the ID landscape evolves, Carbon takes an agnostic approach and is building direct integrations with recognised industry leaders – ID5, Liveramp, UID2.0, Infosum and Zeotap. Each are a different blend of the main ID types and allows our clients to identify which performs best for them.

We’ll also be working with our existing industry partners to allow ID mapping when required and we’ll embrace a publishers own ID as part of Carbon.

Modelled solutions

With modelled approaches likely to be adopted to provide additional scale beyond ID-based solutions, Carbon’s data science team are building modelling tools for targeting without dependence on 3rd party cookies. Such tools enable publishers to build cohorts based on their 1st party data.

Google is also testing it’s own cohort-based approach – FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). Carbon will continue to monitor its progress to ensure our clients can maximise their value from such methods.

Shaping the conversation

As members of two of the larger, more established global organisations – IAB and NAI – looking after compliant consent (the prerequisite for all identity operations) we’ve always been ahead of initiatives such as TCF2.0 and GDPR, CCPA etc. More specifically to identity though, we’re staying busy to shape the conversation. For instance, we have representation on the Prebid ‘Privacy’ and ‘Identity Management’ committees, as well as the W3C Working Group for Google’s Fledge Privacy Sandbox Turtledove Proposal to ensure that we can contribute & shape the conversations as other identity proposals come to the table.

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Carbon is now part of Magnite.