What is the Custom Audience Pixel?

The Carbon Custom Audience Pixel is a piece of code that collects data on custom events based on how your audiences are engaging with your website.  Carbon’s simple pixel builder allows publishers to easily create code for multiple pixels that they can then copy & paste onto the relevant site page or pages.

By collecting this data publishers can track custom conversions and activity (e.g. ad clicks, subscriptions, revenue events, etc) to learn more about them and build audiences for buyers and in-house campaigns.

How does the Custom Audience Pixel work?

When placed on a specific page/pages the custom audience pixel will fire each time the user event occurs. Once the pixel starts firing, publishers can then create audiences using a custom taxonomy or event tracking system, using either the number of times the pixel was fired as an attribute and/or defining event parameters. There are a range of event parameters that can be defined through the custom event function and linked to the pixel including subscriptions, custom taxonomy nodes, revenue events, and specific content consumption.

What events can the Custom Audience Pixel track?

Publisher’s most valuable audiences are often linked to specific actions, such as consuming certain content, clicking on an ad, signing up for a subscription, or having a custom interest unique to the publisher and highly valued by buyers.  It’s important for publishers to be able to identify & activate these audiences across direct and programmatic, as well as driving in-house editorial and subscription optimisation.

The Custom Audience Pixel can be used for a range of custom tracking and targeting purposes to find these valuable audiences and understand how people are engaging with your properties. Some example use cases include:

Custom Taxonomy Nodes

Whilst Carbon follows the IAB Content Taxonomy 2.2 to cover industry standard terms, publishers can add their own unique nodes using a custom audience pixel to identify & create hyper relevant audiences based on terms not covered by the IAB.

Revenue per page view

In some circumstances publishers need to track & build audiences based on revenue events.  Custom parameters can be used to assign revenue to pages and build audiences based on revenue recorded from the events, such as sponsored pages.

Specific site sections

When audiences are engaging with specific sections of your site they represent an opportunity to learn and activate against that engagement. Use the custom audience pixel to build an audience based on profiles seen on a specific site sections.

Subscription targeting

In order to target audiences most likely to convert into subscribers publishers can use the custom audience pixel to track when users subscribe to reveal key insights to drive more subscriptions, as well as inform other monetisation strategies.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Carbon’s tech such as our Custom Audience Pixel, and how it helps with your audience and monetisation strategy, why not request a demo.

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