What is the Contextual targeting?

In environments where cookies or other identifiers are more challenging publishers need a way to safeguard their ad revenue and generate incremental revenues.

Contextual targeting enables publishers to target unknown or first-time users in real-time with relevant ads based on the URL and page content. Contextual targeting combines ad relevance with scale and precision by understanding the content that a user is consuming at the time of ad delivery.

  • Monetise 100% of users including first page visits, whilst safeguarding revenue with a complementary alternative to behavioural targeting.
  • Identify & reach addressable audiences efficiently in brand safe environments where identifiers aren’t present/available.
  • Contextual data gives publishers highly valuable insights that can be combined & enriched with behavioural and revenue insights.
  • Contextual advertising permits privacy-compliant targeted marketing in highly relevant environments without requiring data from customers.

Why you’ll love Carbon contextual targeting?

Automated page analysis

Carbon’s NLP/contextual modelling processes extract the meaningful content of any web page or article, which is identified and labelled based on the IAB’s content taxonomy 2.2 to relate the content to user interests.

Simple GAM setup

Leveraging GAM targeting code, key values and line items it enables Carbon’s tech to find and match page categories to IAB taxonomy 2.2 as determined by the automated categorisation (or manually overridden).

Real-time targeting & insights

Providing contextual targeting to buyers, whilst retaining the value of ad inventory and enriching 1st party data insights by combining contextual with behavioural and auction analytics to uncover further opportunities.

Custom audience pixel

Carbon’s custom audience pixel can identify contextually relevant events such as time-on-page, number of pages visited in-session, and custom taxonomy terms in order to take contextual targeting further.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Carbon’s tech such as our contextual targeting, and how it helps with your audience and monetisation strategy, why not request a demo.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.