Our clients span publishing and media businesses including news giants, global communities and entertainment networks.

Strategic Partners

Carbon works with a range of tech vendors & delivery partners to expand our footprint and help make publishing more profitable.

Industry Partners

Carbon integrates with a range of identity, data and tech partners to ensure our clients can leverage Carbon where they need to.

Case studies

Specific examples of how we’ve worked with our clients and partners to help them reach their goals and objectives.


Archant Media is a UK-based local news publisher operating 140 brands with 40m monthly Pageviews.

The Atlantic is a US-based global media company covering a range of topics from politics, business, foreign affairs, and cultural trends; reaching over 65 million monthly uniques.

Fark is a US-based news aggregator & community site with approximately 10 million monthly visits and over 60 million page views per month.

Gamer Network is one of the world’s leading games media businesses reaching over 50 million gamers every month across sites & communities including

G/O Media is a US-based publishing giant with reaching 100m unique monthly users a month through a network of sites that includes Deadspin, Gizmodo, and the Onion among others.

Hive Digital Media is a South African-based digital media arm of Caxton Media, a 70 brand lifestyle and local news publisher with 7m monthly uniques.

Imgur is the Global community powered visual story sharing platform with 250m+ monthly uniques and billions of post views.

Maven is a US-based platform empowering 140 premium publishers including, Sports Illustrated, TheStreet and MTONews with 150m monthly uniques.

RealClearPolitics (RCP) is a US-based site dedicated to insightful analysis of the most important news and policy issues of the day.  RCP is ranked as one of the most influential, credible and objective news sites in the US.

Strategic Partners

Narratiive combines real-time tracking, monitoring and survey data at scale to power a suite of analytical, research and marketplace tools for MENA, South Africa and other emerging markets.

SmartRTB is an ad platform that combines an SSP, DSP and ad exchange to enable publishers to increase their ad revenues whilst maintaining ad quality and transparency.

Case studies

Industry partners & integrations

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