The Carbon revenue management platform consists of a range of components that we’re constantly adding new features & integrations to in order to drive efficiencies – saving publishers time and money – whilst also improving performance & profitability.

Automated categorisation

Carbon automates the process of identifying, mapping and optimizing page categories and data signals so publishers can easily identify and package audiences for the marketplace with efficiency.

Contextual targeting

Using automated categorisation to identify all key content themes of new & existing pages matched to IAB content taxonomy 2.2 in order to serve relevant ads to first time page visits. These contextual insights also enrich publishers’ first party assets.

Custom Audience Pixel

The Custom Audience Pixel enables publishers to uncover and activate unique audiences based on custom events; including targeting subscribers, custom taxonomy nodes, unique revenue events, and ad clicks, among others.

Demographic modelling

Carbon uses a range of AI-driven modelling techniques to determine the first party demographics of each pageview – including age, education, gender, income, and family make-up.

Machine-driven data scoring

Using data science Carbon uniquely scores intent and brand affinity data to enable publishers to more accurately build & activate audiences.

Carbon is now part of Magnite.